Comprehensive Monosaccharide Database


Carbohydrates are much more complex than other biopolymers such as proteins or nucleic acids. The most often stated reason for this complexity is the fact that their single residues, the monosaccharides, can be linked in several ways, which allows the formation of branched structures. An at least equally important reason for the complexity of carbohydrates, however, is the large number of different monosaccharides, which by far exceeds the number of amino acids (20) or nucleotides (4 DNA + 4 RNA).

MonosaccharideDB is intended to be a comprehensive resource of these monosaccharides. So far, the database contains 776 entries.

Due to the large number of possible modifications, it is virtually impossible to pre-fill the database with all theoretically conceivable monosaccharide residues. If a requested monosaccharide is not yet in the database, most data can be generated on the fly and displayed to the user (provided the requested residue is a valid monosaccharide).