Monosaccharide: o-xglc-HEX-x:x|1:a||(2d:1)amino
IUPAC: 2-amino-2-deoxy-Glucosonic acid
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• Monosaccharide:
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Name: o-xglc-HEX-x:x|1:a||(2d:1)amino
CarbBank Name: GlcN-onic
IUPAC Name: 2-amino-2-deoxy-Glucosonic acid
Composition: C6H13N1O6
Monoisotopic Mass: 195.074 g/mol
Avg. Mass: 195.171 g/mol
[details] • Basetype: o-xglc-HEX-x:x|1:a
Name: o-xglc-HEX-x:x|1:a
Size: 6
Anomeric: none
Abs. Config: X
Ring Type: UNKNOWN
Stereocode: ? 043440
Ext.Stereocode: ? a4344h-1:x
Core Modifications: ? 1 acid
Composition: C6H12O7
Monoisotopic Mass: 196.058 g/mol
Avg. Mass: 196.155 g/mol
[details] • Substituents: 1
Position: Name: Linkage Type: ?
2 amino DEOXY
[details] • Possible Linking Positions: 2 3 4 5 6
Pos. Comment
  • via substituent amino
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Scheme: ? Name: Separate Substituents: Comment:
MonosaccharideDB o-xglc-HEX-x:x|1:a||(2d:1)amino primary alias
CarbBank GlcN-onic
primary alias GlcN-onic
primary alias
IUPAC 2-amino-2-deoxy-Glucosonic acid
primary alias
GlycoCT o-xglc-HEX-x:x|1:a
  • (2d-1) amino
primary alias
BCSDB x?Glc?N-onic
primary alias
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