Monosaccharide Notation

In MonosaccharideDB, monosaccharides consist of a basetype and, if applicable, a list of substitutions.


The basetype describes residue size, the stereochemistry (incl. absolute configuration and anomeric) and the ring closure. In addition, it may contain a number of core modifications. For more information on basetype notation, see the basetype section.


In many monosaccharides, substitutions are attached to the basetype. For information on substituent notation, see the substituent section.

Trivial Names

Many notation schemes include trivial names for a number of modified residues, such as Fucose for 6-deoxy-Galactose. If both a trivial and a systematic name for a monosaccharide are possible, the alias list of the respective entry in MonosaccharideDB contains both versions in most cases, with one of them marked as the primary alias.